Rent Lamborghini in Dubai

Lamborgini Urus Blue
  • Power : 650 hp
  • 0-100 km/h: 3.6 s
  • Max speed : 305 km/h
  • Gearbox : AT
986 usd /Day
6139 usd /Weekly
Lamborghini Aventador SVJ
  • Power : 770 hp
  • 0-100 km/h: 2.8 s
  • Max speed : 350 km/h
  • Gearbox : AMT
2740 usd /Day
15344 usd /Weekly
Lamborghini Huracan Evo Spyder
  • Power : 640 hp
  • 0-100 km/h: 3.1 s
  • Max speed : 325 km/h
  • Gearbox : AMT
1014 usd /Day
6328 usd /Weekly
Lamborgini Urus Green
  • Power : 650 hp
  • 0-100 km/h: 3.6 s
  • Max speed : 305 km/h
  • Gearbox : AT
986 usd /Day
6139 usd /Weekly

We offer Lamborghini rental in Dubai: all cars are issued from the company's own fleet after a comprehensive maintenance, washing and full tank of petrol. There is a wide choice of models: Aventador SVJ, Urus Blue/Green, Huracan Spyder. All cars are new, with low mileage. 

Car delivery and customer support 24/7. 

Lamborghini is a symbol of Italian car design

The car has no competitors among Italian manufacturers. Elegant appearance and futuristic design are the hallmarks of Lamborghini. It has a lot of customizable functions: driving modes, safety systems, entertainment centre and others. The Lambo sets speed records on the autobahn and easily drives through corners in city streets.

Advantages of hiring a Lamborghini in Dubai

Lamborghini hire is popular for the following reasons:

  • the driver of the prestigious supercar becomes the centre of attention;
  • You get a favorable impression on business partners;
  • there is an opportunity to travel in maximum comfort;
  • a trip in a sports car greatly enhances the experience of a holiday in the UAE. 

How to rent a Lamborghini in Dubai?

To rent a Lamborghini in Dubai, you need to:

  1. Choose a model of the cool supercar.
  2. Click on the 'Book' button, mark the date and wait for a call from a manager. You can contact a manager yourself and get all details clarified. 
  3. Conclude a contract. 
  4. Pick up your car on the day of arrival at the airport, in our office, near your rented accommodation or hotel.

Hire a Lamborghini from Continentaldxb.

We provide a car for people aged 21+ upon presentation of an original passport and driving licence (national and international). 

In case of unforeseen circumstances an employee of the company will come to you promptly at any time of the day or night.

Our loyal clients receive cars for hire without making guarantee deposit. 

Rent a Lamborghini in Dubai - price

Lamborghini rentals in Dubai cost from $981 per day. Payment is due upon completion of the rental period. We accept cash and cards. The deposit shall be refunded within one month.

Discount system available:

  • for three nights - minus 10%;
  • for seven days - minus 20%;
  • for a month - minus 30%;
  • for a long period - individual.
Frequently asked questions
Are there any restrictions during off-road driving?
Driving on private roads and in deserts is under law. Desert is under natural protection. Entry and exit is allowed only with the special permission. During driving at specialized autodrome and possible accidents, the company disclaims responsibility and liabilities related to compensation and insurance issues.
How we can return the deposit?
Return form may be chosen by the client: automatic return after 21 day on a card, return with the help of Western Union and USDT services. We may also return the deposit in crypto.
If the Life and Health Insurance option is added in the rent treaty?
Insurance covers the damage of clients’ health in an accident. For people under 25 years, insurance company covers only up to 70% cost of damage. *Insurance company do not cover costs if the accident happen in a state of alcoholic or drug intoxication.
When the client gets the deposit back?
The amount of deposit shall be refunded within 30 days after rent ends. Regular clients may not leave the deposit. For drivers under 23 years old deposit amount may be higher.